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Mary Dalton

Mary Dalton

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  • Dalton regularly reviews movies for WFDD, a National Public Radio affiliate. Here’s a link to her movie blog.
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Screenwriting
  • Documentary Films
  • Television Situation Comedies
  • Film Criticism
  • Teachers in Movies and Television
  • Film Production
  • Women in Film
Current Research
  • Television and depictions of race, gender and sexual orientation
  • Teachers in the movies
  • Teachers on television
  • Situation Comedies
  • Film History
  • Film Theory and Criticism
  • Screenwriting
  • Culture and the Sitcom
  • Introduction to Film
  • Gender and Hitchcock
  • Critical Media Studies
  • Documentary History
Selected Publications
  • The Sitcom Reader: America Viewed and Skewed (co-editor) (State University of New York Press, 2005)
  • The Hollywood Curriculum: Teachers and Teaching in the Movies (Peter Lang Publishing, 2004; revised and expanded third edition, 2010)
  • BA, Wake Forest
  • MA, PhD, University of North Carolina–Greensboro

Mary Dalton has commented on movies, television, Hollywood trends and pop culture for USA Today, the Associated Press, the Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio and dozens of other media outlets.  She can put new TV shows in perspective and provide insightful comments about the latest feature films. Dalton studies how Hollywood portrays teachers, from Sidney Poitier in To Sir with Love to Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society to the Harry Potter movies. Continue reading »

Ananda Mitra


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  • Technology and Communication
  • Technology and Society, Social Media
  • Computers in Education and Training
  • Computer Use in Data Collection
Current Research
  • Employment in U.S. and India
  • Cultural Sustainability
  • Communication, Technology and Evaluation
  • Communication and Public Culture
  • Indian culture, communication practices, and cultural sustainability (study abroad)
Selected Publications
  • Alien Technology (pending publication by New Delhi, India: Sage)
  • Digital Society — A Ten Volume Series (pending publication by Facts on File)
  • India Through the Western Lens (New Delhi, India: Sage, 1999)
  • “Bollyweb” in Global Bollywood, New York University Press, 2008
  • “Voice of the Marginalized on the Web” in Journal of Communication
  • “Towards Developing Questionnaire Items to Measure Effectiveness of Computers in Teaching” in Journal of Educational Computing Research
  • BTech, Indian Institute of Technology
  • MA, Wake Forest
  • PhD, University of Illinois (Urbana)

Nielsen reports that social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account for nearly a quarter of the time Americans spend online. Mitra’s expertise makes him the go-to person for the latest trends in social media and how “narbs”—the personal details such as residence, age, sex and interests that users reveal on social media sites—are used. Continue reading »