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Corporate Value

Sherry Jarrell

Sherry Jarrell

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  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomic Policy
  • Mergers
  • LBOs and IPOs
  • Corporate value
  • Corporate incentives
  • Business strategies
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Investments
  • Managerial economics and the interaction with law and regulations
  • Expert testimony and analysis of issues at the intersection of law, economics and finance
Selected Publications
  • “Law and Economics of Regulating Local Economic Development Incentives.” Wake Forest Law Review
  • “What Will U.S. Consumer Spending Patterns Look Like in 2020 and 2025?” Marketing Research
  • BS, University of Delaware
  • MBA, PhD, University of Chicago

Jarrell’s expertise is in valuing enterprises and strategies. She is an accomplished public speaker and frequent commentator on issues relating to law, business, economics and finance on local television and radio. She recently won an international research award and had an invited paper published in a special issue of the Wake Forest University Law Review. She is the co-author of Driving Shareholder Value: Value-Building Techniques for Creating Shareholder Wealth, published by McGraw-Hill. Continue reading »